About us

Meet the walkers

As you can see, our group is very diverse and international. We are just ordinary people who have made the decision to embark on this adventure. There are still spaces if you would like to join us, please just get in touch asap.

Becky Stoakes

Translator and interpreter

I think the time has come to act. We have to show that we care about our planet.

Carlos Buj

Project manager, environmental educator

The world needs more adventures of this kind, that show that we humans can care about something deeper than our personal gain or satisfaction and act as a species.

José Luis Martínez


My aim is to bring the voice of climate social movements to the UK. I want to collaborate with British social movements on demonstrations at the climate summit.

Maribel Roldón


The governments should act now to avoid causing more irreversible harm to our planet. Climate change is eroding human rights and aggravating social inequalities, particularly in the most vulnerable areas.

Luis Alejos

Retired, sociologist, social activist

Social mobilization is required to make the leaders of the world keep their commitments to stop the climate change that is threatening the survival of our planet.

Nicky Brooks


I’m walking to Glasgow to give more visibility to the climate crisis. Governments should act now, but they won’t do so without pressure. 

Carlos J. López


I believe in a fairer society that is kinder towards the environment. Our current trajectory is leading us to destruction, we have to act now.

José Lorenzo Calvo

Administrative assistant

I want to support the British climate movement and represent Spanish activism. 

Irdo Montanari

Nature photographer

We have to make it clear that we’re not so easily fooled.

In collaboration with

Sole López


Co-directs La Dársena Estudio, a responsible design and honest communication studio committed to projects that help us build a better world. Sole has provided us with communication advice.

Dani Canelo

Sound editor and web designer

Composes and produces music for various projects, provides the tech for different shows in Zaragoza and develops websites. Dani designed this website and provided the voice for the promotional video.

Cristina Correa

Audiovisual producer and social inclusion worker

After a long career in the audiovisual sector, she now uses her knowledge for social transformation, participating in projects that promote a fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable society. Cristina made the video for this project.

Andy Amanece


Andy works on illustration and sculpture projects. She redesigned the march’s logo, produced the informative images (i.e. the maps) and collaborated on the website design.