Day 13: Sheffield – Darton

We arrived in Sheffield and were met on the outskirts by Sophie, Mike and Helen our wonderful hosts who led us through Netheredge towards the botanical gardens. On the way we learned that Sheffield is the greenest city in the UK with an estimated 4.5 million trees!

We shared a communal meal and all of us had a go on Sophie’s massage chair.

In the morning it was into the centre for a fabulous ceremony outside the Town Hall organised by extinction rebellion Sheffield, Greenpeace and other groups. On arrival we heard the familiar beats of a large samba band. We heard from the Lord Mayor of Sheffield and from a member of Fridays for Future who gave a powerful speech.

After some singing, in Spanish and in English, came the highlight of the ceremony. We were presented by members of the crowd and many kids with…bananas! Each of them had a message to keep us going i.e. ‘With every step you take to Glasgow you’re becoming more awesome.’ ! Just before we left we were given an extra gift…some beautiful felt, embroidered hearts that we have all attached to our rucksacks to give us extra motivation when the road feels long.

We had a lovely walk along the Five Weirs Canal and passed the Hermes building site along the way. Here, we were joined by members of a local environmental community group, REACH, who are protesting against the destruction of one of the main green areas in Barnsley that is being destroyed.

We finished the day with a huge vegan spag bol at our kind hosts’ house.

Written by: Becky Stoakes

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