Day 15: Leeds – Harrogate

Today we didn’t have to get up too early as we had several rendez-vous in the city before we left. First we went to a market that had been set up in the outskirts of the city with stalls of various climate associations and NGOs. Next there was a short parade with samba music up from the park.

The event continued with a two-minute silence in memory of the MP David Amess who was fatally stabbed the evening before in London. Then speeches were given by the Lord Mayor of Leeds and a Member of Parliament, with all speakers stressing the urgency of the climate crisis and praising the marchers for their initiative.

José Luis takes a photo of the welcome party in Harrogate

Before starting our route, the marchers and a large group of people from Leeds walked to a nearby Sikh temple where, after a moving welcome greeting, we were invited for lunch (200 meals were served!).

We visited the Sikh Temple in Leeds where we were made to feel very welcome

At 1 o’clock we started walking. Today’s walk was mostly along roads with dense traffic, a loud and stressful experience when there are no pavements or verges. It was a relief when we crossed the road and found ourselves in the extensive grounds of Harewood House. This was one of the largest groups of walkers doing the whole day that we’d had – some 30 people in total. We completed the 25 km in around 6 hours.

Boris joined us for the day

As usual, when we reached Harrogate there was a group of local activists waiting for us waving flags and playing musical instruments. We walked down one of the main roads chanting and there was a great atmosphere all round. After, we went to a Quaker meeting house where there was a tasty vegan chilli and we were serenaded by a local folk group. At the end of the evening, local hosts were there to pick us up and take us to their homes to relax ready for the following day.

Written by: Luis Alejos

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  1. Gracias Marcha a Glasgow for flying the Climate flag. Half way through and your blog is heart warming,
    O hope you will have the sun on your face and the wind at your back as you do the next half and get some nice Autumn colours too.
    My Dad walked the Camino de Santiago a few years back…a special pilgrimage it was for him and I hope your Camino COP26 will bring you riches of spirit too.
    Love and Rage, Helen????????

    ur COP26 Camino

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