Day 22: Alnwick – Wooler

This morning, like most, we woke up and it was still night. It looked like it was going to be cold but the cloudy sky had taken the edge off the temperature. The van was waiting for us to transport us to a church where some kind women had prepared an incredible breakfast and a packed lunch for us on the way.

We split into two groups. The first group set off as as usual at 8 am from our ending point in Longframington and the other group attended the Climate Action Day in the Northumberland Hall next to the Alnwick Market.

The Climate Action Day was organised by the What a Wonderful World Group and began with traditional music sung and played by Megan Wisdom and Jack Hogsden from Newcastle who kindly stood in at the last moment due to positive Covid tests with the booked musicians.

After the welcome speech from the leader of Northumberland County Council, Paul Brannen gave an interesting talk about timber’s central role in tackling climate change. This was followed by the local Green Party Councillor Martin Swinbank who talked about Local Transport and the challenges to make it more sustainable in Northumbria.

Unfortunately we had to leave the event after listening to the winning songs from the School Song Competition and be driven to where the walkers were having lunch in Branton. However there will be a What A Wonderful World Festival next year from 24 to 26 June.

Anton, our super guide, took us through back roads and paths, through open fields with sheep and cows. From time to time there were impressive trees. Our march continued with no breaks until the moment when a passing cyclist stopped and asked us if we were the group who walking to Glasgow. He introduced himself as a BBC journalist who was also on his way to Glasgow…by bike. And he asked us for an interview to which we of course agree.

The walk to Wooler was altogether very beautiful as we managed to avoid the main road and travel on a number of single track footpaths crossing various fords. The weather was pleasant and fine for the 9 miles before reaching our final destination, The Methodist Hall, where we were very warmly greeted with a cup of tea and fine food.

Written by: Russell Allen and Irdo Montanari

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  1. Well done to you all. I’m amazed at what you are achieving. It sounds like you are building good awareness. See you all in Glasgow. Keep up the good work. We all salut you

  2. That’s great, we spent a few days at a hotel in Longfamlington, Granby Inn, this August, so I know it’s a lovely place. Recommend the hotel too. We wanted to visit Cragside, (we drove though!). The Spanish group are amazing to do such a long walk, hope they are keeping well.

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