Day 25: Lauder – Dalkeith

Our start point today was the small town of Lauder, yet another occasion where a point and an unknown name on the map becomes a place full of interest.
We met Isabelle (age 10) who told us about all the eco-actions her school is doing, and how the whole school is travelling to the COP on Tuesday to perform their climate crisis rap, and to talk about their work.

Check out Stow Primary School Facebook page for details.

And we found out about how the volunteer gardeners in Lauder keep the town looking lively – not only do they keep all the pots and tubs of the town full of beautiful flowers all year round, but they do it all sustainably, using their own compost, with no added peat, no pesticides or artificial chemicals. That’s why they’ve won a Scotland in Bloom award, and also the Sustainability Award.

Congratulations Lauder!

We had friends and dogs accompanying us northwards, to the village of Oxton, where more people came to meet us, with gifts of vegan packed lunches 🙂
Then we struck out across farmland, past one of Scotland’s many wind farms.

(Scotland is a world leader in wind power, both offshore and inland.)

We negotiated boggy moorland, and then dropped down through pine plantations to reach the A68 again.

Almost there!

Exciting to see road signs for Edinburgh!

And strange too – what will we do when we reach our destination? It will seem weird to stop walking!

Our support team had spotted a couple of picnic benches at the side of the road, and laid out a feast for us all – mushroom paté, hummus, beetroot paté, cheeses and salad, and a delicious selection of homemade cakes, biscuits, flapjacks and fudge.

I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible to walk over twenty miles a day and still put weight on, but I’m afraid my trousers are definitely getting tighter!

We quickly did our COVID tests – all negative thankfully – and set off back along the main road, just as the afternoon’s rain started.

We were joined by Brian from Darlington, who walked with us previously and had travelled up by train to meet us – and tomorrow we are expecting two more Spanish walkers – our numbers are growing!!

Written by: Nicky Brooks

2 thoughts on “Day 25: Lauder – Dalkeith”

  1. Hola wonderful marchers,
    You are almost there! I’ve been following you progress on this blog since you left Washington and headed over the Cheviot hills and across the border into Scotland. The weather isn’t brilliant but I’m sure, as you head towards Glasgow, the support and encouragement along the way will keep you going for the last lap and you will reach your destination with your spirits high.
    In solidarity and hope,

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