Day 27: Ratho – Fauldhouse

Today was a long old day of six hours under almost constant rain. However, it was nothing compared to the recent torrential downpours that have caused floods and chaos in Glasgow. We all got soaked to the skin. The first part of the walk was along the canal and we read about the importance of these canal system during the industrial revolution. We also passed the Five Sisters Bings (hills formed of spent shale), which are a testimony to the mining tradition of the area.

Coming back to the present day, today I read in the news that 140 Insulate Britain activists have been arrested during their 600 actions that have been taken place since 15 September 2021. It seems that Spain is not alone in its anti-democratic ‘ley mordaza’ (a 2015 Spanish law that curbs activists’ rights, for example prohibiting them from photographing or videoing police officers and forbidding protest in front of the Spanish Senate and Congress) and that the monarchic UK government also has its own version. Fitting people with electronic tags for blocking roads doesn’t seem very fitting of a civilised country.

Sometimes I like to sing.

We ended the day with a meal at the Blantyre Miners Welfare Social Club with the Camino to COP walkers, a group from XR Faith Bridge who have walked from London and Bristol. It was great to share anecdotes and also get to know their Coat of Hopes initiative (see here). Tomorrow we’ll be joining forces to march on Glasgow!

Written by: José Lorenzo

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