Day 4: Hurstbourne Tarrant – Leckhampstead

Nicky’s notes show the amount of coordination and logistics required to make everything come together. At the end of the day, when we’re all exhausted, there are often misunderstandings and sometimes total confusion, but we’ve accepted it as an inevitable component of the march.

Today we’re setting out from a ‘crossroads’ to ‘the middle of nowhere with three houses’. This is the result of dividing the 900 kms we have to walk into more or less equal stages. If we simply walked between the towns where we have been offered accommodation, we’d end up with some stages of 10 km and others of 50 km. So, we walk 30 km and then are picked up by our hosts, who take us to their homes for a very-welcome hot dinner.

Phil, Maribel and the ‘March 2 Glasgow’ bike

Yesterday for example, Antón and I stayed with Phil who has been accompanying us for several days on his bike, kitted out with flags and a number plate proudly displaying ‘March 2 Glasgow’. We had walked almost 40 km and I can’t remember ever having felt quite so tired. At Phil’s house we were treated to hot baths and a hearty meal. Ever the optimist, Phil keeps our spirits high and is up for cycling over all kinds of rough terrain, as shown in the video below.

For most of the day we were walking alongside the road. Overall, there were no major problems, apart from when one car whizzed by at full speed without leaving any space, scaring us half to death. Another driver offered to send us images of the incident.

José Luis poses for a photo in Leckhamstead: we made it!

In Leckhamstead, a group of local environmentalists were waiting to welcome us. María and her partner Pedro, who are from Portugal, had organised another sumptuous feast.

Written by: Carlos Buj

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