Day 6: Oxford – Adderbury

Our day in Oxford began in much the same as yesterday’s arrival in this prestigious university city. Climate activists saw us off with placards and banners to the rhythm of a joyful and loud samba band.

Nicky got the audience singing
Carlos gave a short speech

To the sound of drums, we ventured into the green and damp English countryside to reach our next meeting point in Adderbury.

Our walk started with 32 km of a mostly straight road and a lot of traffic. To make it a little less monotonous we took a quieter road to North Aston and had our picnic lunch there with the van.

Then it was back to the main road at Deddington. The final, fairly hilly section took us all the way to our final destination: Adderbury. At the end of the stage, we used the van and a car to go to Deddington, where after dinner we relaxed and chatted to locals about our common ground and our differences, our individual and collective perspectives. We are overwhelmed by the interest people have in our project and by the generous welcomes we have been receiving.

Despite the language barriers, it is clear that we share the same concerns about the climate crisis. The people we meet are aware that it is not just something that has been made up by a group of ‘uncooperative crusties’, as Boris Johnson has described Extinction Rebellion activists, but an issue that is very serious and extremely worrying. The people who open their doors to us are not members of any one environmental or social movement, trade union or political organization; they are informed citizens who are worried about the environment and their contribution to the struggle is to offer us the most beautiful thing: their solidarity and a warm bed.

The forecast for tomorrow is just like today’s: no rain, no wind and pleasant temperatures. Long may it last…

Written by: Luis Alejos and José Lorenzo

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