Day 8: Princethorpe – Coventry

We arrived in Coventry on a local road accompanied by a veteran Californian hippy. We crossed the city at the head of about one hundred activists with a samba band and elaborate Alice in Wonderland costumes (from XR Coventry´s Panto to Save the Planet). A morning celebration to welcome the March was held in the old Coventry Cathedral.

The cathedral stage is a sight to behold. It was blown up by German bombers during the Battle of Britain. Today, by some miracle, the external walls, the hollow of a chapel and a spectacular main tower still stand. There was a great atmosphere in the square, with music provided by a local rock group, speeches, vegetarian spring rolls, and unexpected sun and heat. There was a marked contrast between the Second World War ruins and this lively event put on by the people of Coventry.

Written by: Jose Luis Martínez

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