Ready, Stady… Go!

After more than two years of organization (COP26 was going to be last year), many meetings, long hours of work and many ups and downs … We are finalizing details to leave.

Where has the summer gone? It cannot be that we are almost in autumn and a few days from boarding!

What stress! What if you have to buy leggings because we already know how long it will be in that country that has passed through water, that we should be careful with the latest covid requirements, that if we even incorporate someone at the last minute, that the press release is ready. Apart from the waterproof coat, do you need to wear a poncho? Yes!

list of what to bring to the March

Have we managed to launch the website on time? Yes! Thanks to the communication team that is helping us. Thanks Dani, Sole, Andy and Cristina!

Are we all in “get to know us”? Yes, a server has been chasing the staff.

The English translation of the website? Already printed brochures? Very nearly. Becky and Nicky are on it. We will need it to perform in Great Britain.

The last details of the route? José and Nicky have arranged to adjust times and make sure we are not late for the events they have invited us to.

And the bracelets that we are going to sell, are they ready? Yes, thanks to José and Maribel.

Next September 22, we will meet in Zaragoza to test ourselves by walking 30 km and get to know each other better (not all of us have met before). So we will have a group photo very soon.

We will continue let you know about our adventure.

Becky en una acción de XR Zaragoza


7 thoughts on “Ready, Stady… Go!”

  1. Fantastic effort! ….can we see your route near alnwick, Northumberland as we’d love to walk with you or offer some refreshments

  2. Welcome to the Uk, we extend our hand of friendship and unity to you all. Good luck for the start of the journey and I hope to join you on part of the way.

  3. Thankyou for this phenomenal effort! Myself and my husband will be walking with you from Eastleigh to Winchester tomorrow. In solidarity, Sue and Dave

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